3 Common Reasons for Flickering Lights Inside Your Home

Posted on: 2 March 2020


Many people turn the lights in their home on and off without thinking twice about it. It is normal to expect lights to illuminate without any issues when you flip a switch or press a button. Lights inside a home tend to work well for a long time without any issues. But, when issues do arise, it is important to be proactive and take care of the problem instead of brushing it off or ignoring it. One common lighting issue that may occur inside a home is flickering lights. Flickering lights are something that you should take seriously. Continue reading to learn more about common issues that can cause lighting in a home to flicker.

Bad Light Bulb

If there is only one light flickering in your home, it usually is not cause for concern. In many cases, a single flickering light is due to a bad bulb that is about to burn out. Try removing the old bulb and installing a new one to see if that resolves the issue. If swapping out light bulbs does not result in an improvement, you may need to contact an electrician to inspect the light in question and make the necessary repairs. 

Loose Conductors in the Electrical Panel

While a single flickering light is not always cause for concern, multiple flickering lights throughout the house is. When you have several lights that all flicker when turned on, it usually means that there is a bigger problem with your electrical system. A lot of time, the reason that multiple lights will begin flickering is that the conductors inside the electrical panel have become loose. You may find flickering lights to just be a minor annoyance, but loose conductors within the electrical panel increase the risk of an electrical fire, so it is important to have an electrician make repairs as soon as possible.

Electrical Panel Overloaded

If you have noticed flickering lights inside your home, pay attention to when the flickering happens. In the event that lights begin to flicker when an appliance powers on, it can indicate that your electrical panel is overloaded. When an appliance is turned on, it puts a large load on the electrical panel, which is what causes lights to flicker. An electrician will be able to inspect your home's electrical panel and determine whether you may need to add additional circuits to handle the load caused by appliances in your home.

To learn more about your home's lights, contact an electrician offering lighting repair services in your area like those at Conway Electric.