3 Home Hazards That Signal The Need For Electrical Repairs

Posted on: 11 March 2020


Electrical repairs shouldn't be put off. A malfunctioning or overloaded electrical system could lead to a house fire or electrical shock. An old electric system is at a higher risk of having problems, but even a new home might need electrical repairs. Here are three hazards to watch for that are signs that repairs are needed.

1. Minor Shocks From Lamps Or Appliances

Even minor shocks are frightening and uncomfortable. If an appliance or light shocks you, that's a sign something is wrong. You might try unplugging the light and plugging in another one to test the circuit, but you put yourself at risk of another shock.

Since the problem could be in the light or appliance instead of the electrical system, you may not know what to do. The best choice is to call an electrician to test the current with a meter so the problem can be pinpointed. If the circuit or outlet is faulty, the electrician can make repairs so your outlet is safe to use again.

2. Light Switches That Don't Work

Broken light switches are annoying because they might be the only way to turn a light on, especially a ceiling light. While the repairs might be minor, such as when wiring is loose, the work entails taking the switch cover off and handling the wiring inside.

This could put you at risk of a shock, so it's always good to hire an electrician for even minor electrical repairs. Of course, before you call an electrician, you'll want to change the bulb in the light and make sure the bulb is seated properly to ensure the problem isn't with the light bulb rather than the wiring.

3. The Electrical Panel Keeps Flipping Off

As you bring more electronics and upgraded appliances in your home, you may start to overload your electrical system. One sign this is happening is when the electrical panel is tripped regularly. You might know exactly what caused a circuit to trip. For instance, it might always happen when the washing machine kicks on while the microwave is running. Although not ideal, you can learn how to manage your energy use to keep the circuit from tripping.

Other times, tripping might seem random and you're not sure why it's happening. A circuit flipping off is a good thing since it protects your home from fire, but it also means there's a dangerous situation that the breaker needs to protect against. Call an electrician to check your panel and wiring when you have a problem with frequent circuits flipping off. You might need electrical repairs done to safeguard your home, or you might need circuits added or the panel upgraded to make your home safer.

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