3 Low Voltage Electricity Lines You Can Have An Electrician Install

Posted on: 31 March 2020


When you think of the services that an electrician offers, you may automatically assume that they only deal with the electrical power lines that run through your house. However, many electricians offer services that deal with low voltage lines as well. If it involves running wires through your home, you can pretty much assume that an electrician can handle it for you. Here are a few low voltage services that they can perform for you. 

Telephone Line Installation

While many people are making the switch to cell phones, landlines are not completely dead yet. Many people still have them in their home, such as having an emergency line for kids to use when they do not have a cell phone of their own. You may run into a problem where there are no existing telephone lines installed in your home, or a previous owner completely removed them.

An electrician can help install the necessary telephone lines throughout your home so that you can have a working phone in all of the rooms that you want. They can help perform a more complicated installation than what your phone company is willing to do for you.

Data Cable Installation

Another service that is rapidly making the shift to wireless technology in Wi-Fi Internet, since many devices are able to connect wirelessly to your router without the need for a cable. However, many devices still perform better with a wired connection, or you may want to remove some strain from your wireless network by shifting the high use devices to a wired connection. 

One of the benefits of hiring an electrician to do this job for you is that they can help hide all of the cables that are necessary to make a wired network. They can run Ethernet cable through the walls, and create wall plates that will make it easy to plug in multiple devices to a single access point in a room. You'll notice better performance on these devices that are plugged in, in terms of latency, and ensure the fastest possible upload and download speeds. 

Audio Visual Wiring Installation

Are you installing a home theater and want to hide all of the wires? This is a perfect job for an electrician. It can be difficult to run speaker wires through a room to reach the back wall, and create HDMI and power outlets in the wall where a TV is mounted to hide a trail of cables going up to the TV. There is no reason to see wires when creating a home theater, especially since you can use home electrician services for help.