Outdoor Lighting For Your Home: Start With A Plan

Posted on: 17 April 2020


Outdoor lighting improves security around a home while adding a sense of style at the same time. However, it's important to understand that not all outdoor lighting systems offer these benefits. It's important to properly plan the design and install the lights correctly to get the most benefit from this addition. 

Energy Efficiency 

You should always keep energy efficiency in mind when it comes to an exterior lighting system. Particularly when it comes to a large, or a two-story, home, it's possible to have 10 or more lights included within the system. 

As a result, if you don't take energy efficiency into consideration, the cost to support this type of light design could be high. You should instead look for light options that use less energy to function, such as LED lights, than traditional fluorescent lights. If you choose a lighting option with a higher energy usage output, you might not be able to keep the lights on as long at night, when it comes to your budget. 

However, in terms of security, you get the most benefit from exterior lights when you are able to keep them on for a longer period during the night. Choose an energy-efficient lighting option to avoid this problem and to maximize the security benefit of the system. A licensed electrician can help you choose lights that align with this goal.


Be especially mindful of where you choose to place each of the lights. When it comes to this step, the skill of a licensed electrician is especially helpful for several reasons. First, an electrician understands the wiring demands that go into an outdoor lighting system.

They can then use this knowledge to help you determine the most practical places to install exterior lights, especially if you're on a budget. Second, an electrician will understand how the light will reflect. This factor is important because how light reflects will determine how much light it generates.

In turn, you can use this information to determine how many lights you need to include to properly illuminate the exterior of your home. Additionally, the electrician can use this knowledge to help you determine which areas of your home to place the lights for the most attractive look. 

Do you want to add an outdoor lighting design to your home? Don't hesitate to contact a licensed electrician for design tips and for more information on how to plan for the installation.  Look into electrical services offered by companies like Ranger Electric near you today.