Custom Lighting: Ideas for Your Kitchen

Posted on: 22 April 2020


There are many ways you can put custom lighting in your kitchen to make the space more functional and beautiful at the same time. Always have an electrician do your lighting for you, whether you want under cabinet lighting or something that benefits the entire space, like recessed lighting. Your electrician may want to inspect your entire home's lighting when they install custom kitchen lights for you, especially if your home's electrical work has not been updated in some time.

Here are some ideas for your kitchen when it comes to custom lighting. The right lighting techniques will make your kitchen appear brighter, more welcoming, and more modern.

Under Cabinet Lighting

There are several circumstances when you might need under cabinet lighting. Your kitchen may have a lot of cabinet space, or the shelves are dark, making it hard to see what is inside. Your cabinets might also overhang your counter space, making the available space dark and closed in. Or you might just like the aesthetic appeal of some extra lighting.

Adding under cabinet lighting improves the appeal of your cabinets by brightening the space up in pleasing ways. Bright white lighting makes precision cooking and food prep easier in the kitchen, while a softer yellow glow makes the space warmer and more intimate for entertaining. You can put under cabinet lighting in every cabinet space or simply choose one wall of cabinets—either above your counters or underneath them—to have this custom electrical work done on.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a type of lighting that is often reserved for the living room or other areas of the home, but is also a prime lighting style for the kitchen. Your kitchen benefits from these flush lights that allow for more ceiling space and height definition, making your ceilings appear higher and giving you more kitchen space. If you like to hang pots and pans from the ceiling via a rack or you have wine racks you want to put on display but can't because of bulky or low-hanging lights, ask your electrician to upgrade your lighting to a custom recessed version.

In addition to under cabinet lighting and recessed lighting, you can also have your electrician install a dimmer switch for your kitchen. This way, you can use bright lighting to prepare your meals, and a softer glow to enjoy them later. This is a great option if your kitchen is also attached to your dining room and you want to be able to change the way the light in the space affects the atmosphere of the room. Discuss your lighting budget with your electrician to get the best idea of what your custom kitchen lighting will cost.

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