How To Prepare For Electrical Job Interview Questions

Posted on: 27 April 2020


Finding the perfect electrical job requires training and preparation. You have already finished your training as an electrician, so now you need to prepare for the interview process so you can land your dream job so you can begin the next phase of your career. The following can help you get ready for the potential questions you may be asked during an interview.

What are your qualifications?

Most electricians come into the field one of two ways, either you have completed an educational course through a trade or vocational school or you have been working as an apprentice under another electrician and have now become a licensed journeyman. If you are applying for an apprenticeship, all you need is a high school diploma or GED, but you will need to show that you have some electrical knowledge, perhaps through hobbies or previous job experience. Be prepared to provide references and documentation to back up your training and any licensing you have already received.

Do you have experience with any specific systems?

This is a common question, especially if you are still early in your career. There are many basic systems, but the most common are residential, commercial, manufacturing, or industrial. Each system is slightly different and requires specialized knowledge. Be honest about your experience. If you only have residential experience but are trying to get a job with a commercial electrical service, be prepared to share why you want to grow your knowledge and skills in the commercial trade.

Have you faced any major challenges?

This question pertains specifically to job challenges, so choose something that will pertain to the job you are applying to. Talk about a challenge that you triumphed over, not one that left you stumped, and focus only on electrical or job-related aspects of the job, not any interpersonal issues that were experienced with coworkers or the client. The goal is to showcase your problem-solving skills when it comes to electrical projects.

Why are you applying for this job?

One of the trickiest questions is the why question, as you need to walk the line between diplomacy to your current or previous employer while still complementing and selling yourself to the interviewer. Depending on how the question is worded, you may be able to talk up the interviewer's company and yourself. For example, you are looking for a more challenging career with an electrical firm that handles larger projects or you want to move from residential to commercial electrical. If you must mention why you left your old employer, focus on your own growth and not the company's shortfalls, such as you are seeking a company that provides more options for career growth.

With proper preparation, you can land the electrical job of your dreams.