Living In A Fixer-Upper? Hire An Electrician To Make Lighting Improvements

Posted on: 10 June 2020


When you first moved into a fixer-upper, you may have known about some of the projects that you would need to take on during your time living there. However, living in the house for weeks or months is also extremely valuable in helping you learn about other things to improve on.

If you want to start making improvements and lighting is an area that you want to handle, you cannot go wrong with hiring an electrician because they can help with many things.


Making your house look more impressive while also giving your family the light that they need is something that you can do by installing a chandelier. A few areas worth putting a chandelier in include the kitchen, living room, dining room, and entryway. While one chandelier can make a huge difference in your home, you may want to install several of them throughout the house.

One of the perks of installing a chandelier is that you will find so many different kinds to choose from, depending on how much light you need and whether you want to focus on looks.

Ceiling Fans

While a ceiling fan does not automatically provide a room with lighting, you can make sure to pick out ceiling fans with light bulb sockets. This is when you will get a chance to decide between fans with a single socket or anywhere from three to four depending on your lighting situation.

A four-socket ceiling fan is perfect for when you want to illuminate an entire bedroom. This is when you can decide what light bulb wattage to get for further customization. An 80-watt bulb is going to make a room a lot brighter than what a 40-watt bulb. But, getting a ceiling fan setup that allows for dimming lights means that you get more flexibility with the high wattage bulbs.

Light Fixtures

Aside from ceiling fans and chandeliers, you can also install light fixtures all throughout the house in various areas. For instance, you may want to get an electrician to install recessed lights in most rooms to provide your family with widespread lighting that does not cause any glare on screens.

Another option worth considering is adding under-cabinet lights to give your kitchen the task lighting that you will benefit from when preparing and cooking meals.

An electrician is the perfect person to hire when you want to improve the lighting in your fixer-upper, especially when your home is lacking in sufficient lighting all around. Contact an electrical contractor to learn more.