4 Reasons Your Landscape Lights Won't Work And The Electrical Repairs That Could Be Needed

Posted on: 12 August 2020


Landscape lighting makes your property safer and also adds beauty to your yard at night. However, the lights aren't much use when they won't come on. You probably want the problem fixed quickly for home security reasons, so calling an electrician is a good idea. However, there are a few things you can check yourself first, such as making sure the breaker isn't tripped. Here are four possible reasons your landscape lights don't work.

1. A GFCI Tripped

When a GFCI trips, power can be shut off to nearby outlets or the landscape light transformer. The outlet in your garage or outside may have GFCI protection, so check those to see if an outlet needs to be reset. If the outlet won't reset, call an electrician to figure out the reason and make repairs.

While you're checking circuits, double-check the electrical panel to make sure a main circuit hasn't tripped off. If you're sure power is making its way to your landscape lights, or at least to the transformer, then you can narrow down the source of the problem.

2. The Transformer Is Bad

The transformer is a part that converts household current into the low-voltage current used by landscape lighting. The transformer is usually located near an outdoor outlet or an outlet in the garage. An electrician can test the electricity coming into the transformer to make sure it's getting power and check the low voltage coming out and going to the lights. If no power is coming out of the transformer, the transformer may have a bad fuse or it may need to be reset.

Another possible problem is the connections are bad because the wiring is worn out. This problem can be repaired by tightening connections or cutting off the wire to get rid of the damaged ends and then reconnecting it. If repairs don't help, then the electrician may need to install a new transformer to get your lights working.

3. The Lines Were Cut

Landscape lighting power lines are under the ground several inches, so they're protected from damage. However, if you recently put in new landscaping or did other digging in your yard, you may have cut through a line. An electrician has tools that can locate a buried low-voltage power line and pinpoint the area where damage occurred and power is lost. A damaged line can be dug up and repaired.

4. The Lights Are Bad

It's not likely that all your lights went bad at once, but if your lights have been out for a long time, multiple lights could be deteriorated. Plastic and aluminum landscape lights tend to have short lifespans, so if they're old and worn-out, you may need to have new lights installed. You may want brass or other higher-quality lights put in so they have a long life.

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