Plugs Falling Out Of Outlets Is Not Normal

Posted on: 10 March 2021


When you plug a power cord into a wall outlet, you expect the connection to remain secure and your device to power on. In some homes, the scenario does not exactly happen this way. Instead, the plug seems to simply fall out of the outlet almost as soon as it is plugged in. If this sort of scenario is a common problem in your home, not only should you not pass it off as normal, you should address it as it could be dangerous. Residential electrical repairs may be the solution.

There Is a Reason Why

When a plug falls out of the outlet, it is easy to assume that the problem is with the cord itself, but the opposite is true. The prong style of electrical devices is universal, so as long as the prongs are not damaged, they are not to blame. Instead, the blame should be placed on the outlet.

Commonly the problem is that there is an issue with the contact point that connects the prongs to the outlet connector. The problem could be that the contact point is simply worn due to repetitive use over the years or that it was not installed correctly. 

Risks Are Involved

If you are vacuuming or using the hairdryer and the power cord falls out of the outlet, it is a major inconvenience. However, you should also recognize that the problem also presents certain dangers. Keep in mind; if the cord is falling out, it means there is an issue behind the wall. 

As the power cord slides, the friction it causes can create a spark; a spark that can target the electrical wires and ultimately start an electrical fire. Additionally, depending on the damage behind the outlet plate, each time you force a plug inside, you could exacerbate the damage and increase the fire threat.

Professional Repair is Important

One of the more important things to remember is that the damage is not with the faceplate itself; it is with the connection within the wall. For this reason, do not think that this repair is a simple solution you can resolve on your own.

Any type of electrical repair comes with significant risks if you do not have the right skill. You should instead contact a professional so that they can assess why plugs will not remain secure so that the proper repairs can be performed, safely. 

If you have this issue in your home, make sure you speak with an electrician as soon as possible to avoid any further complications.