Signs It's Time To Rewire Your Home

Posted on: 20 October 2021


Home rewiring isn't a project that most homeowners tend to think about on a regular basis. The truth is, faulty electrical wiring can put your home and family at risk. Rewiring your home is an expensive project, but that shouldn't prevent you from executing it. 

Surprisingly, home rewiring can save you from incurring huge losses and even prevent death or injuries. But how can you know you need home rewiring services? Here are a few common signs that you need to rip out the old wiring and install a new one.

Outdated Wiring

Sometimes you don't need to wait for a physical sign to have your home rewired. A home whose wiring was done decades ago might have hidden problems. Electrical wiring can lose its structural integrity and become worn out. 

Keep in mind, outdated wiring can barely handle modern-day power demands. That said, you need to ensure your electrical wiring stays up to date. Every homeowner should have their homes rewired after every few decades. 

Circuit Breaker Tripping Often

Circuit breakers trip when there is a problem with your electrical system. For instance, if your circuit is overloaded, the circuit breaker will trip as a sign that your appliances are making excessive power demands on the circuit. 

But if you move some appliances and still experience the same problem, you are probably dealing with a wiring issue or a more serious problem. Unfortunately, the most effective way to address such deep-rooted problems is by rewiring your home or replacing your electrical panel.

Flickering Lights

When the lights in your house start to flicker consistently, it's an indication that you have serious electrical issues. Unless your bulbs have a problem, you should have an electrician inspect your wiring, light switches, light plugs, and outlets. 

In most cases, lights flicker due to an overloaded circuit, fluctuating electrical voltage, outdated wiring connections, and electric utility service issues. If the electrician determines that outdated wiring is causing the issue, they'll have to rewire your home. 

Burning Smell

Sometimes electrical problems manifest themselves through a strong burning smell. In most cases, the smell will be coming from your outlets. Electrical wiring faults cause such problems. 

So, if your outlets smell like burning plastic and produce popping and sizzling sounds, check them immediately. An electrician can rectify such issues by replacing your electrical outlets. However, if the problems fail to disappear, you might be forced to rewire your home.

For more information, contact an electrician near you.