The Importance Of Installing An Arc-Fault Breaker

Posted on: 27 December 2022


Fireguard breakers are a relatively new technology, so it makes sense that you might not know about them if you bought a home a while back. More importantly, you should note that arc faults are among the most common causes of domestic fires related to electrical faults. Ultimately, they occur when a spark between components creates heat that burns down the insulation to the wiring. That said, if this keeps happening, it could lead to an electrical fire. The good news is that you can install a circuit interrupter to protect your home from a possible electrical fire. Here's more on its importance.

How Does the Electric Device Work?

The interrupter sends signals throughout the home's electrical wiring and looks for any possible sign of fire potential. If it notices signs like elevated temperatures and sparking, it shuts down the entire system before the fire starts. Further, if the circuit is protected, it can help you avoid a fire. However, there is a high possibility that you don't have this installed if you own an older home. This is why you should bring your home up to code by installing the breaker.

Is It Worth the Cost?

Installing a circuit interrupter will cost you money. That said, the technology is highly effective in protecting homes. The cost includes buying the system and paying a certified electrician to install it. However, if you look at the level of damage it can protect your home against, you'll realize that it is worth the cost. For example, fire damage can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacement costs. On the other hand, setting the system up protects you against such a massive financial liability.

What Are Its Other Benefits?

You bring your home up to code by installing the system. Secondly, the system has the potential to save lives because it protects against electrical fires in the home. Most importantly, you will get lower insurance premiums when the insurer inspects your home and realizes you have put in place measures to prevent fire damage. Therefore, investing in a fireguard breaker is the best thing you can do for the value and safety of your home.

Speak to a trusted residential electrician to determine whether your home has the system. If it doesn't, you should consider installing it. It will protect you from fires and other damage and give you constant assurance of safety in the home. Contact a company like Royal Plus Electric, Inc to learn more.