3 Times To Call An Emergency Electrical Contractor For Quick Help With An Electrical Problem

Posted on: 21 February 2023


When the electrical system in your house malfunctions, your home could be at risk of a fire or you could be at risk of electrocution. Electrical problems are nothing to mess around with, and they can necessitate the help of an emergency electrical contractor. Here's when you should consider getting emergency help for an electrical problem.

1. You Detect Odd Odors Or Sounds

If it smells like something is burning in your house, especially if it smells like burning electrical insulation, call an emergency electrician and let them know about the problem. They may schedule you for service right away.

Odd sounds are a cause for concern, too. If you hear an electrical humming noise and can't figure out where it's coming from, call an electrician for help. Unexpected heat can also signify a serious electrical problem. If an outlet or an area on the wall is hot to the touch, there could be a safety hazard with the wiring inside the wall.

When something is different about your electrical system or you're afraid the odors and sounds you're experiencing are caused by a problem that could spark a fire, call an electrician and explain the problem. They'll know if you need emergency service and can tell you what to do until the electrician arrives.

2. The Electrical Panel Keeps Flipping Off

If the main switch on your electrical panel, or an individual breaker, keeps flipping off every time you reset it, it's better to leave the switch off until it can be checked by an emergency electrical contractor. There is probably some electrical problem that keeps the circuit from working, and it's flipping off as a safety precaution.

If you keep turning the switch or breaker back on, you might create a dangerous situation. Instead, call an emergency electrical contractor to check out the electrical panel to see what's wrong and to make repairs.

3. A Pipe Bursts And Floods Your Home

A flooded home can be an electrical emergency as well as a water emergency. If the water gets wiring wet, you could be at risk of getting shocked. An electrician should assess the situation right away and turn off the power to keep you safe.

The electrician can determine when it's safe to restore the power. You may need to wait until the water is pumped out and the area has dried out before the power can be turned back on. First, the electrician will inspect your system to make sure it wasn't damaged by the water.

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