Building A House? You Need To Talk To Your Electrician About These 5 Add-Ons

Posted on: 6 April 2023


If you are building a home, you need to talk to your electrician about several add-ons to make your house more comfortable and stylish. While these features are not essential, they can help make your home more enjoyable and convenient. Here are five of the best add-ons for your electrician on any new build.

1. Plug for an Outdoor Hot Tub

If you are planning to have an outdoor hot tub at any point in the future, speaking with your electrician now is crucial. Your electrician will be able to install one safely and correctly so that it is available when you are ready for that hot tub.

2. Shower Light

A light in the ceiling is a great way to brighten up any shower stall, and it makes shaving much easier. Being able to see clearly while in the shower also means you will not have to worry about slipping or tripping over something in the dim light.

3. Exterior Holiday Light Display Outlets

While some people like to keep things low-key during the holidays, others love getting creative with their decorations. By talking with your electrician and pre-planning your display, you can easily install extra outlets outside. Setting up lights and other decorations won't require lugging extension cords around or overloading circuits.

4. Closet Lights

Like your shower, having lights in your closets is a nice add-on. While most walk-in closets in the primary bedroom have lights, hallway linen closets and other secondary closets do not. It can be hard to see what you need to reach without additional lighting. Having adequate lighting in closets helps ensure that nothing gets missed when putting away linens or searching for items like band-aids or toilet paper.

5. Ceiling Fans in Bedrooms

Ceiling fans are great additions in bedrooms because they help circulate air, keeping temperatures comfortable year-round. Talk with your electrician during the rough electrical stage so that all wiring is done properly and safely according to code standards. Ceiling fans require both electricity and a special hanging bracket to support the weight of the fan as it moves.

There are many add-ons that can be beneficial—now and in the future—when you build a new home. From outdoor hot tubs to ceiling fans, your electrician is the one who can make it happen.

To learn more about electrical add-ons, contact an electrical contractor in your area for tips and ideas.